GHPWCF Club Officers &Committees

GHPWCF Club Officers

President                                                  Directors

Marian Your                                                         Russell Allen

Pattison, TX                                                         Cypress, TX                                

phone: (281) 375-8375                                        email:



Vice President                                          Shelia Boren

Kathleen Milford                                                  Katy, TX

Katy, TX                                                               email:

                                                                            Cindy Crean

Treasurer                                                  Richmond, TX

Jennifer Averitt                                                     email:

Hockley, TX                                                         


Recording Secretary

Kathy Daniel

Sugar Land, TX

phone: (281) 491-7954


Corresponding Secretary

Jane Reece

Kingwood, TX


GHPWCF Club Committees

Annual Awards                                              Membership

Position Available                                                Kathy Daniel                                               

Breeder Referral                                           PWCCA Representative

Kathy Daniel                                                       Marcene Perry

Judges Selection                                          Rescue

GHPWCF Membership                                       Kathy Daniel


Legislation Liaison                                       

Russell Allen                                                        Ways & Means

Shelia Boren                                                        Shelia Boren

                                                                            Jane Petty


Librarian/Historian                                        Webmaster

Position Available                                          Jason C Klawinski

                                                                            Kathleen Milford

The GHPWCF Club will stay strong with an active membership.  We are always looking for club volunteers .  If you are interested in one or more of the club positions available, please let us know!  Just click on the club position available you are interested in and you will be directed to Marian Your, GHPWCF President.

Click here to learn more about GHPWCF Duties and Responsibilities.



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